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Table Of Contents

Source code for gluoncv.utils.filesystem

"""Filesystem utility functions."""
import os
import errno

[docs]def makedirs(path): """Create directory recursively if not exists. Similar to `makedir -p`, you can skip checking existence before this function. Parameters ---------- path : str Path of the desired dir """ try: os.makedirs(path) except OSError as exc: if exc.errno != errno.EEXIST: raise
def try_import(package, message=None): """Try import specified package, with custom message support. Parameters ---------- package : str The name of the targeting package. message : str, default is None If not None, this function will raise customized error message when import error is found. Returns ------- module if found, raise ImportError otherwise """ try: return __import__(package) except ImportError as e: if not message: raise e raise ImportError(message) def try_import_cv2(): """Try import cv2 at runtime. Returns ------- cv2 module if found. Raise ImportError otherwise """ msg = "cv2 is required, you can install by package manager, e.g. 'apt-get', \ or `pip install opencv-python --user` (note that this is unofficial PYPI package)." return try_import('cv2', msg) def import_try_install(package, extern_url=None): """Try import the specified package. If the package not installed, try use pip to install and import if success. Parameters ---------- package : str The name of the package trying to import. extern_url : str or None, optional The external url if package is not hosted on PyPI. For example, you can install a package using: "pip install git+". In this case, you can pass the url to the extern_url. Returns ------- <class 'Module'> The imported python module. """ try: return __import__(package) except ImportError: try: from pip import main as pipmain except ImportError: from pip._internal import main as pipmain # trying to install package url = package if extern_url is None else extern_url pipmain(['install', '--user', url]) # will raise SystemExit Error if fails # trying to load again try: return __import__(package) except ImportError: import sys import site user_site = site.getusersitepackages() if user_site not in sys.path: sys.path.append(user_site) return __import__(package) return __import__(package)