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Table Of Contents

Source code for gluoncv.utils.viz.image

"""Visualize image."""
import numpy as np
import mxnet as mx

[docs]def plot_image(img, ax=None, reverse_rgb=False): """Visualize image. Parameters ---------- img : numpy.ndarray or mxnet.nd.NDArray Image with shape `H, W, 3`. ax : matplotlib axes, optional You can reuse previous axes if provided. reverse_rgb : bool, optional Reverse RGB<->BGR orders if `True`. Returns ------- matplotlib axes The ploted axes. Examples -------- from matplotlib import pyplot as plt ax = plot_image(img) """ from matplotlib import pyplot as plt if ax is None: # create new axes fig = plt.figure() ax = fig.add_subplot(1, 1, 1) if isinstance(img, mx.nd.NDArray): img = img.asnumpy() img = img.copy() if reverse_rgb: img[:, :, (0, 1, 2)] = img[:, :, (2, 1, 0)] ax.imshow(img.astype(np.uint8)) return ax